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Gatorgrl 04-07-2019 06:03 PM

Those RV shows.
Yes, it was a lazy afternoon and an innocent little RV show that started this whole rabbit hole. That was 2 years ago and two FC's ago. :) And as luck would have it, there was yet another RV show on our way home from the car show today. And yes, we stopped in. I just love looking at the best that they have and mentally comparing it to our beloved bird. It's little things, like closing the bathroom door and seeing the entire wall shake, or being able to hear conversations from people outside the motorhome, while you are inside. The only thing I will say I like better is some have a bath and half. When you have a husband that likes to read War and Peace in there, a second bathroom can be rather handy. Not a big fan of all the mega slides either. Would love to have seen one of their class A's with the slides in to see how much wiggle room you have as you are going down the road. I doubt very much at all. And can we even talk about the overboard TV's? Seriously those coaches are on TV overload. Maybe it's just me, but if I am camping, I am rarely inside my coach and could care less about whats on TV. I will likely have 1 very small screen to use as a computer monitor/tv should the weather ruin any plans. I just had to look and see and all it does is make me ever so thankful that I have my amazing Wanderlodge not to mention the awesome WOGGERS!
We really are the fortunate ones.

Randy Dupree 04-07-2019 06:12 PM

Dana,you have to learn to "embrace" the weather.
Rubber boots,rain gear and never look back.
If its cold,wear warm,if its hot (you know what to do).
Get out there,trust me when i say this,one day you will be looking at the short side of 65 and wondering what the heck happened.
Get out there and go!

My BIL loves to go to the races,camp out and have a big time,he has a snorkle and flippers he wears when it rains,if its cold he has a firemans coat and helmet,and fire ax.
He walks around the pits inspection the camp fires.
He makes chicken salad everyday,no chicken poop for him!!

Gatorgrl 04-07-2019 06:25 PM

He sounds like an awesome guy! I have always enjoyed the weather...well except zero degrees or 109 degrees, but can tolerate anything in between. I was just making that comment because I don't understand why anyone would want 3 TV's in their coach...seriously? I rarely even use the 1 tv I have in my house. We are bust down here selling off our stuff to make our getaway easier. I am thinking now about retiring on June 1, 2019, but I'm not sure when we will hit the proverbial road. I am more than ready, that is certain!

LeRoy 04-07-2019 06:34 PM

Watching to see how full time works for you. I’ve got about 14 more years until i plan to retire. It sure sounds fun!

Gatorgrl 04-07-2019 07:40 PM

You and me both!

Marc_in_CT 04-07-2019 08:26 PM

Speaking of plastic motorhomes, are they 3D printing them yet? :D:D

Bumpersbird 04-07-2019 09:29 PM

Soon, very soon.

badandy 04-07-2019 09:33 PM

I have two TV's - a 40 in the living room and a 28 or something like that on the closet wall in the bedroom. We watch TV on the road relaxing while parked since there's nothing to do in a lot of those times (rest stops, parking lots). We might play a video game or two, but I can't remember that last time I did that anywhere. We have a few shows that we really like watching like the Kentucky Derby while camped out. Our problem is that we don't go out on long enough trips to have any real downtime.

NoGas 04-08-2019 09:47 AM


Originally Posted by Gatorgrl (Post 447809)
Yes, it was a lazy afternoon and an innocent little RV show that started this whole rabbit hole... I just had to look and see and all it does is make me ever so thankful that I have my amazing Wanderlodge not to mention the awesome WOGGERS! We really are the fortunate ones.

I call RV shows “Idea Shows” and go to one every 2 or 3 years when my To Do list gets a little short. While there I marvel at the differences in build quality, while appreciating the innovations that might work on our coach. Last one I went to I saw an LED strip on the big awning of a Stick & Plastic glitz palace. Took pics and decided I could duplicate it. Thankfully when I got home, Ron R had just posted his Girard update and the hard part was already done :). As to too many TV’s, to each their own. We have 3 - front, rear (on what they now call a “televator”) & bay with DirecTV. The DW likes her TV. Happy wife, happy... Retired 5 days ago, but will never go full-time and that’s by design. Much prefer having a place to head back to and take care of the bus in-between our Bird adventures. Again, to each their own. Yep, the WOG helps make it all possible. It might be time for another big RV show :D.

Gatorgrl 04-08-2019 09:49 AM

Only TV I really watch is that darned Game of Thrones (GOT). I can see that on HBOnow off the computer so a TV really isn't necessary even for that. I just dislike sitting still and doing nothing, which is what TV forces you to do. I just see it as wasted time that could be better spent doing something productive....but that's just me. This is why I love music so much, I can listen to music, I can listen and get a ton accomplished in the process. It doesn't slow me down. Now if I am camping, sure I am chillin, but I am usually outside enjoying the scene and the company, not cooped up in my coach watching a giant manipulation device.

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