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InfiLights 10-15-2019 10:56 AM

2002 VW Beetle Turbo Diesel 5 speed Toad for sale
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Hi all,

Set up with blueox ends, -does not get easier to tow behind the bus, just too small for us...seems that we since I got sleeping for 6 setup in the bus, there are 6 in our party all the time....hmmm...

Comes with a set of summer and a set of winter tires and rims, a blast to drive, 42-49 MPG, full books, records for the last 10 years, new clutch in 2017, second timing belt, water pump, belt and tensioners in may this year, new alternator this year, new disc brakes and pads , shocks, mounts front and rear this year, tranny service, added Bluetooth module for hand free calling and audio streaming from your phone and much more...read the add.

Anyway, listed here on craigs in South Bend IN, for a WOG member I would do $3700 even


Blue Moon 10-27-2019 11:30 AM

Looks nice and well kept. Does it have a rust issue underneath (you mentioned snow tires)?
How much does it weigh?

InfiLights 10-27-2019 11:38 AM

It is nice and well kept. Comes with a 2 sets of rims and tires, summer and Winter.

Weighs 2950 lbs so exempt from additional brake system.

Everything in working order, there was some rust on the rocker panels and it was addressed. Some scratches and chips, it is a 2002. I am driving it every day. Very reliable and fun to drive after I put over $4000 in it..add the list up...the car is practically free at the asking price.....my thinking was that a toad needs to be perfect. If you have a motorhome breakdown (like it is possible with a 1988 Wanderlodge like we have), the toad has to be the rescue vehicle and not let me down no matter what. So I put the money in to make it great and give me piece of mind. If I was to get all my money back I have in it I would have to ask for $7500....not going to happen.

This year in June at 237K work done :
- second timing belt, metal impeller water pump, new tensioners- $800- first done at 110k- documented
- new BOSCH alternator ($430)
- new oil filter, 15W40 oil, air filter, fuel filter - $140
- new rear Monroe shocks -$340
- new upper shock mounts - $140
- new front and rear brake disks and new brake pads - $360
- transmission oil changed with VW synthetic fluid - $110
- upgraded headlights to LED bulbs as well as changed the fog lights and added white Yellow LED bulbs- $120
- new aluminum door handle- retrofit- $40
- New OEM genuine VW Beetle rubber floor mats, full spare, all tools as new, rear wing, DE appearance package -$170
- Weathertech sunroof and upper doors wind deflectors -$ 160.

The car has front driver and passenger air bags plus side airbags that deploy from the side of the front seats.

Installed the BlueOX tow bar system in July - the baseplate installed was $1100 alone - took the front end off, drilled into members...big job.

The clutch was changed at 190k, new front shocks, bushings, tierods, alignment, new injectors at 180k and injection pump tune-up- records

New AC compressor, dryer and recharge 20k miles ago. Heat and AC all work, all windows work, sunroof is perfect.

OBD2 bluetooth sender and Samsung GalaxyS smart phone with TorquePro app to reads and display ECM parameters that are important to me- you can change the theme and what paramaters you want monitored. The setup in the picture without my Note* phone of course (shows the map fior navigation) comes with the car - $ 250 value alone.

Also added a Grom Audio Bluetooth adapter $ 176 - that will sync with your smart phone and you can stream XM Sat, Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, Youtube audio right through the car speakers. The Beetle has the Monsoon premium audio with multiple speakers. Great sound.

More info that you asked for but...that is how I do things....

Blue Moon 11-04-2019 08:08 PM

The little bug found a new home with us in TN and will follow our Bird around the USA.
A great driving car, absolutely fun to drive. Sipping diesel while zipping around curves.:D

4-Liberty 11-04-2019 08:34 PM

That was low risk good reward car , if it were closer I’d of given it good look. Best of luck with it.

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