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Marty Gregg 11-20-2020 06:03 PM

Fuel filler hose
My rig was leaking diesel from just behind the drivers side jack where the fuel filler hose connects to the tank and 3 small hoses come out from behind the front of the Aqua hot. It ended up being the filler hose right at the clamp, the diesel was oozing through the hose. The 2” Gates 4663K hose had a date of 1990, obviously it had been around the plant for years:-). I found a new 10’ piece that was at a marina in Burley Idaho of all places, the date on it is 2015. I will have a 4’ piece left over if anyone need some. It cost me $20.00 a foot. You can still buy the stuff new but they only sell 10’ers, so if you need 34” like me I have some.

jydog159 11-21-2020 05:10 PM

How difficult was it to replace??

Marty Gregg 11-21-2020 06:22 PM

Ok here is what I did.
I had to jack the front of the rig up and tip it to the passenger side, I had a almost full tank of diesel, and sucked out 35 gallons of fuel.
Crawled under and there is enough room next to the fuel tank to remove the 2 hose clamp, took a razor knife and cut the hose back 2 inch to loosen it up.
Took the hose clamp off the filler cap assembly, removed the 2 bolt holding the assembly to the body, that end wiggle off easily, cut the foam away.
Took a rope through the filler cap location, tied a clove hitch backed up by a half hitch six inch away or so them wrapped the rope around a pice of wood and gave it a couple of hard pulls and out it came.
Went in the bay and there was a metal cover where the hose ran, removed everything to take the cover off.
Cut away the all the other hose protectors about 8” on the inside and got underneath and pulled the plastic protectors back out of the way so the new hose would have a straighter shot onto the nozzle, the 2” nozzles are not tapered so the slide right onto the new hose.
Putting on the new hose is a two man job, one in the bay one under the rig guiding it ontwo the nozzle. I up graded the hose clamps to 1” wide that are rated for 1200 psi. They were only $3 each and take a 10mm to tighten.
Reinstalled the fuel filler assembly and clamp.
Check for leaks, seal all the holes, put her back together.

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