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DougF 05-02-2019 01:44 PM

1983 PT35 looking to buy
Hi all look for some advice, I'm going to take a look at the 83 PT 35 for sale in LA area on Craigslist.

Guy was really honest about what is wrong with RV and what he feels it needs he has owned sines 2006. So my biggest concern is with the engine 6V92 and (drove it into storage lot 2 years ago with every intention of being back in a month to take back to his home), and the water leaks it has had.

Engine has 15/40 motor oil in it and has been driven about 1500 miles with this oil. Second is he stated when climbing grades with high out side air temp has gotten over 200; any input would be helpful on this I don't have any real experience with 2 stroke diesels. But do know that 92 series doesn't like high temps but not sure what is considered high temps.

For the water Leaks he stated he had some busted pipe due to water freezing in line, the pipe repair isn't a big deal. But damage to floor and such. What should I look for? Is it there any hidden area I should check.
He also had 2 of roof vents that leaked and cause damage to head liner and possible the floor.

I know the tires will need to be replaced, also air bags will need to be done. What are cost on air bags? I have done them before on by GMC bus so feel this I could take care of. I will need to check all the Brakes wheel bearing also. anything else besides basic maintenance?

He went through many other problems but those are convenience issue and I believe over time I can take care of them.

I like this due to fact I can pay cash for it and fix over the next year and pay as I go. Thanks for any help.

oldmansax 05-03-2019 08:44 AM

212F is generally considered to be the highest safe temperature, depending on what mechanic you ask. That said, I have seen a few that were run higher and survived, and a few that died @ 205F. If you are really interested, you should have the oil tested. Obviously, a visual oil check that shows any water is a problem. Also, put a drop of oil on a paper towel. A black spot with a halo around it shows fuel in the oil, another problem.

Water damage to floors is fixable. It will be a pain because Blue Bird never used 2 screws when they could use 5. The same with pipes. Most have replaced a lot of the water piping with PEX. Either of these jobs will require you to weigh no more that 80 LBS., and have three, 5", double jointed arms with six fingers. Some folks say the application of alcohol and swear words help.

I don't know anything about fixing the ceiling since mine have not leaked but others have replaced entire panels so I know it can be done.


badandy 05-03-2019 09:51 AM

I'm not going to sugar coat this, and I'm not trying to scare you away because I think the price is right on that coach (not having seen it in person):

1) the temp gauge could be wonky (likely). Verify what's really going on. If it "did" run over 205 for a while and it's not drinking water then there's likely nothing to worry about as long as it's not "still" overheating. The oil pressure gauge or sender is probably shot, too. My oil pressure gauge showed 15 psi most of the time. I installed a mechanical on the engine and it's 30-40 when hot, 55 when cold.
2) assume everything on the roof leaks. replace the fans with new, reseal the tank vents, and reseal/replace every single one of those screws that holds down the aluminum diamond plate and goat rails. Also consider that the drip rails and awning mount screws are probably loose/wobbled out and leaking. Except for the fans this is an inexpensive exercise.
3) fixing the ceiling panels is going to be a pain in the rear, but it has been done. If they are just warped, but the backing is still in tact (not rotted away from the water) then you can wet them and form them back.
4) running 1500 miles with 15-40 probably didn't do any real damage, but you have no idea how long previous owners ran it. I have a feeling we're all in that position when we buy a used 2-stroke and I bet more often than not someone ran the wrong oil in them. Picking up Delo 100 can't be done in a retail setting.
5) as far as the interior water leaks and problems - if it froze then just plan on ripping it all out and replacing all the plumbing, water pump, valves, water heater, etc. It's not that hard to do on a PT35. PEX is the way to run. I am not an 80 lb skinny dude, either!

DougF 05-07-2019 11:19 PM

So went a took a look 83 PT, pulled oil sample and sent out.

Looks like the 2 roof vent cover are cracked or broken which was cause of 2 of the leaks. Also wires from the antenna was leaking. Not a big deal.

I will probably install Plex for all the water pipes. Will need tires and air bags.

Did not start due to owner not being there. But he has told me that when he was out a while ago and it would not start. He said this has been a problem in the past, it would lose prime after sitting. Where is check valve located?

Are there service manuals for the house systems? Thanks all

badandy 05-08-2019 06:46 AM

The check is located on the inlet side of the Racor, if it still has one. If it's losing prime it's probably got an air leak between the Racor and the pump on the engine. It could actually be the fuel hose itself just sucking air. Between the Racor and the tank is a copper line, so shooooouldn't be a problem. To check this yourself just spin off the right-side engine-mounted fuel filter and see how full it is. It should be full to the top and actually spill a little when you crack it loose. Could be a completely plugged Racor issue, too.

badandy 05-08-2019 06:49 AM

Doug, it's more than just the vents being cracked. Many of the bolts that hold down the aluminum diamond plate are likely loose, too. They can't just be tightened, they should be replaced with 1/4" lag screws and copious sealer. I guess if you live in no-rain no-snow paradise then it wouldn't matter.

DW SD 05-09-2019 02:31 AM

My 6V failed for prior owner due to multi grade oil.
I was told only reason mechanical 6V won’t start is due to introduced air in fuel as Andy said.
A cracked copper fuel line caused me a no start once. The tee was available at Home Depot.

I did a full interior remodel on my old PT. Including floors. Sub floors under water tanks and bed was rotten. Plywood could be removed by putty knife

DW SD 05-09-2019 02:34 AM

The airbags are about $100 each. I’d suspect 1 to 2 hours per bag to replace. I did one of my old. They last a long time and often don’t fail catastrophically. Just began with a hiss.
I’d tou don’t change all at once carry a spare or two and make sure you have the tools to change. Not much needed. Tubing wrench and ratcheting combo wrench and wood to block the frame.

DougF 05-13-2019 08:04 PM

Hi all just got test back on oil sample, does anyone have experience and is knowledgeable with the reports? They want to do a Analytical Ferrogram. Here is what the was in the report.

Suggest checking compression and for engine breather passing oil (blow-by) or similar diagnostics and monitoring engine fault codes. We recommend an Analytical Ferrogram be performed for this sample to clarify the type of wear and/or contamination present. Please contact Customer Service for additional test information. Cylinder region metals (pistons, rings, liners etc.) are at a SIGNIFICANT LEVEL; Please provide missing lubricant information. Manufacturer, product name, and viscosity grade are needed to properly evaluate lubricant properties. Action;

Looks like
Iron 63 ppm
Chromium 2
aluminum 20 ppm red

Any input or advice would be great.

Rick 05-13-2019 08:15 PM

Not good at all. Of course this is just a "snap shot" of the engine performance. I would pass not knowing history of vehicle.

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