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PowerCat 09-13-2014 09:14 PM

ZF Tranny fluid question
I'm getting ready to change all the fluids in my Bird, and I'm not sure how much tranny oil to use. I know how much the actual transmission needs, but what about the cooler? How much extra is that going to use?

The last time I had the local Cat dealer do it, they wrote in my book...

Dexron Multi-purpose oil -- 5-6 gallons.

If these things are temperamental within a quart or so...maybe I now know why I had some problems last year.


birds_first 09-13-2014 09:57 PM

If you stick with Dexron, you will only need about 5 gallons, I would not worry about any fluid in the cooler. Also I recommend you crawl under the coach after you fill the transmission and use the dip stick on the top right side of the transmission and not the dip stick in the dog house. You'll get a more accurate reading of the fluid from underneath the coach; per the ZF shop folk.

PowerCat 09-13-2014 10:08 PM

Sounds good...I am going to put in Valvoline Dex/Merc.

It's not on the listed approved oils in this section though...but it is Dexron oil. Am I good with that?

Not very well versed in transmissions at all.

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