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sfedeli 12-14-2013 05:59 PM

Dave- the modulator is on the other side of the trans- near the tailpipe assembly. Looks like someone had a new throttle cable made at some point.

Bill Pape 12-15-2013 08:07 AM

this may not be your problem , but the throttle cylinder gets dirty & sticks, it may need to be cleaned and rebuilt, there is a kit available, the blue capped end is the rheostat, very fragile and obsolete, so be gentle,
the air solenoids mounted on the Bendix module may also need cleaned & lubed.

sfedeli 12-20-2013 09:24 PM

Here's the Allison shift modulator information-

The package has the numbers M-775-B on the outside. When you remove the bubble wrap, the instructions identify the module as a "WM775B Transmission Modulator". I was able to find one online-



Don Meyer 12-21-2013 10:57 AM

I'm not sure about lubing the air solenoids for the cruise control.

When I was in Dallas in 2011, I stopped at the outfit that repairs the
Bendix control modules to have mine checked. He told me at that time that the solenoids should be cleaned and reassembled DRY. With no lubricant. Some lubricants can become gummy over time. Causing problems with the solenoids. I keep mine clean and dry. No problems.

Movin' On 12-22-2013 01:04 PM

5-4th Speed Shift - Air Throttle vs Cruise Control
2 Attachment(s)
I have attached a photo of the right side of the transmission and I can see the modulator towards the front of the coach and the shift adjuster towards the rear on the picture. When I replace the modulator is it a simple of removing the bolt I saw to the right on what looks like a retainer, pulling out the old modulator and replacing with the new one with the new O-ring. Is there any other gaskets needed and will the fluid start running out?

I have not traced the airline back to the treadle air valve yet. I have wondered of the treadle valve needs to be rebuilt. It looks like air may be leaking out of one seal, if it really is a seal. It looks like it would be a major project to get the treadle valve out.

Bill, Don & Jane
The CC5 throttle control valve was recently cleaned when the mechanic noticed that the air throttle was leaking air out of the valve and preventing full throttle application. When it was cleaned the coach went up hills mush better. However; I have not had the solenoids cleaned. Are there some procedures and a kit available for cleaning them?

Once again I want to thank everyone for the help. I would not be able to solve this problem without your help.

Mike Hohnstein 12-22-2013 01:08 PM

There will be oil.

sfedeli 12-22-2013 11:24 PM

Dave... there will be a little oil, but it should not be under pressure- just weeping. The solenoids on the CC5/Cruise assembly are meant to be assembled dry. I would suggest cleaning them with a can of compressed air- like you use on computer keyboards and a little denatured alcohol, not petroleum distillates like WD40 or paint thinner. Be very careful about the small springs and set screws. Count the number of turns in or out that you use to remove each one- you don't want to affect the settings as they were originally.

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