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curtsprenger 05-01-2010 01:01 AM


Originally Posted by gcyeaw (Post 54807)
If you ever watched the movie 'in search of the Holy Grail', where the Natzi's and Dr. Jones tried to interpret the instructions for passing the chalenges to enter the chamber where the knight protected the Grail, then you will understand the trials and tribulations of software upgrades.

Those who write the software seem to have a rule that demands that only the most devout nerds will be able to solve the challenges. Be thankful we have a couple of them to maintain the forum.:D

Nerds...after spending 40 years in the information technology business, I never met a nerd by him or her self that could reach a final conclusion and make all things work; they did a good job; it took the street savvy guy to come up with making the connections; like NH Bill and the others.

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