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Ernst 03-29-2016 09:14 AM

MT640 + speed sensor
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I have an Allison MT640 (part nr 6882855) under the 1976 WL.

On the left side there is a cable from the shift handle on the dashboard. Then there are two Bowden cables (?), both running up and forward.
I guess the one at the rear side is the one that runs to the speedometer. If I am right, is there a standard speed sensor that fits in this cable. Or can anyone tell me the thread of the nut and shape and size of the inner cable, so I can find something here in Europe?
(The supplier of John Gold cruise controls told me the old magnets/coil combination on the drive axle doesn't give a reliable signal. Don't ask me why!)

And what for is the other cable, the one screwed to the little Morse box?

Something else:
I read several stories about a retarder on this type of transmission. Is that a standard or a special (I don't find it...)?

Thanks for your answers!

I followed the front Bowden cable and found it ended at the fuel pump, together with the accelerator pedal. So I think it has something to do with a kick-down mechanism. Am I right?

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