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sanibel 10-22-2011 06:56 PM

Swing IN radiator, aka hole in radiator
Recently modified my 1979 FC33 to a swing radiator. Standard technique ala John Finn's photos. Checked and made sure I had plenty of clearance for the fan...or so I thought. Either the fan moved or the rad shifted and the fan has bitten into the upper part of the body where the fins are. Leaking pretty bad.
We are northbound to NC from Sanibel, hoped to make Jekyll Island tonight. Decided to stop in Ocala where we own property for a picnic on our empty lot. Smelled a little something when stopped at the off ramp. When we stopped, coolant was dribbling out, not just dripping. Went back to Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing where there was a rat rod show going on. Found some kind people but no-one that could fix it on a Sat afternoon. Spoke to Big Daddy himself and are leaving the bus there overnight in his parking lot. Radiator shop here does not open til Monday AM.
Spoke to a friend who runs a rad shop in Ft Myers who suggested fixing it myself, soldering the tube if possible or even taking the tube out by crimping and soldering the ends.
I am planning on swinging the rad tomorrow, diagnosing the clearance issue, and seeing if the thing is fixable by me or perhaps pulling it to drop on the shop's doorstep Mon when they open.

All part of the adventure I guess.

78bbird 10-23-2011 02:03 PM

My rad had 1/2" spacers in the support to frame, do you have the same and are they back in? I spot welded mine in to hold in place.

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