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Default RE: Aqua Hot intermittent


As I stated in a previous message failure to start can be caused by many things.

You can rule out the dash switch by either jumpering a wire across the terminal block inside of your Aqua-Hot. You will jumper the 3rd and 4th terminals as indicated in the drawing below. By jumpering these terminals, it does the same thing as flipping the (diesel) switch inside of the coach.

In your case the first two things that I would focus on when the unit does not start are:
  • Diesel control thermostat – Thinks that unit is already at operating temperature. When you turn on the Aqua-Hot with the diesel switch on the dash, the silver control box will click. The way to test that is to jumper the two wires that go to the control thermostat. I use an automotive blade type fuse to hook the wires together. This would be the same thing as the thermostat calling for heat. The thermostat is normally closed switch. You will find the thermostats under the metal cover just above the diesel burner. Caution: If the electric element is ‘on’, the thermostats on the electric side will be energized. You will be shocked! Turn off the circuit breaker first.
  • The other thing that I have seen when the motor only starts intermittently is that the motor is bad and does not start every time. I think that the motor develops a flat spot in the armature.
If you can’t figure out what is going on, you can ship the burner head to me. I have a test rig that I can install the burner in and run it on the bench. This allows me to test all of the components as they are running. Contact me directly for more information.

- Roger Berke -
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