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Default Parliament Donates Blue Bird Intellectual Property to WOG!

Randy, Rick May, and I have been working on this since my first week at Parliament, and during the Clearwater Rally Parliament turned over 8 pallets of Intellectual Property to WOG that we purchased after Wanderlodge production was shut down at Blue Bird.

I'm proud that Parliament stepped up several years ago and made sure this information was preserved, but we are not set up to store, scan, and distribute the drawings, build sheets, and other items that WOG members want access to.

WOG has agreed to supply Parliament with copies of everything that is eventually scanned and Parliament has also agreed to grant both WOG and Randy Dupree our rights to use the Wanderlodge name for their websites and other marketing and service uses.

Bill Pape and several others made a first pass through the 8 pallets of materials and all materials deemed to be potentially useful were shipped to Randy this week, to be reunited with other BB material from other sources.

Parliament is very committed to supporting, servicing, and selling Wanderlodges, and we have one of the biggest (or perhaps the biggest) inventories of Blue Bird replacement parts.

Since everyone says if there's no pic it didn't happen here's a pic....

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