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Originally Posted by Robert Britton View Post
Sorry to hear that Jackā€¦that really fries me! How many windows did they damage?
They used a screwdriver or equivalent both on my driver's side sliding window, prying up part of the frame, but unsuccessfully.

Then they tried to pry the large, double window which is right behind the passenger's seat. Failing in that, it appears they decided to vent their frustration by slamming something really heavy into the body of the sliding panel.

I'm advised by PARKIN in Elkhart (distributor for HEHR window mfg.) that they MUST build new to replace the entire assembly - both the damaged sliding panel AND the undamaged fixed panel. I don't 'get it', but guess that's true......?

I didn't think that the Bluebird school buses had the same windows as our Wanderlodges, but here we are reading that 'chicken buses' can provide what I need.

Always confused, in Gary........
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