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Ok, thanks. Let me tell you a little about my Bird. 3208 NA (109,000 mi)I bought it, and have been doing some work on it. I started off with a rebuilt injector pump, Changed the oil, (Eng and trans) new filters. I fabricated a new battery box, installed 4 new 12 volt deep cycle marine batteries, new battery cables ( 1 gauge), and a new battery cut off switch. I installed a new Batt for the generator 12.5 Kohler (473 hrs. the hr meter works) I replaced the battery boilers with a single Xantrex 80 amp converter/charger 2 stage, with a battery minder. I replaced the muffler and tailpipe, and fabricated a new generator exhust. I removed the origional hitch ( it was hanging lower than the drag rollers), modified and installed one that's now above the rollers. Last week I took it for a ride, and had 6 new General ST371 tires installed with recent date codes ( 2/09).
Monday, I swung the radiator, because I wanted to check the bearings on the idler, alt etc. and change the belts and hoses . I took the belts off and spun the pulleys and checked for play. I spun the alternator, Motorola 160 amp) and it sounded like it had a dry bearing .I sent it out to have it checked out and for beginnings there's problems in the stator, although it was charging. I told him to stop, and ordered a new Leece Neville 160 This way I'll have new. ( I have a question about this that I'll ask in the electrical section)
I picked up a rebuilt water pump, from Cat.
I'm going to change the Idler pulley bearings and dust cap.( I'll ask a question about that in the cat engine section)
I bought new belts, rad hoses, heater hoses and oil cooler bypass hoses. I think now is the time to change those. I'd swing a radiator on the side of the road, but I feel it's better at home
I filled the fresh water for the first time since I've had it I had water hot and cold on the city supply, but it seemed to be sucking air on the pump supply (no water leaks but the pump wouldn't shut off) I flipped the "fill switch" a few times turned the pump back on and it built pressure, then stopped.I had hot and cold everywhere except the shower (only hotthere, no cold). Its a Mowen. I removed the balance spool and the spool valve was frozen. I took it apart, cleaned and lubed it and reinstalled. Worked fine. While I was there ,I installed a new cartridge.
Ok enough for now. and thanks again.I'll ask my 2 questions in the other threads.
Jim Harvie
1982 35ft FC SB
Lancaster Ma
Jim Harvie
Lancaster MA.
1982 35 FT. FC, SB
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