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I love the BRP ....on a motorcycle, it's beautiful it's spectacular

and it would be a "hellova" lot of work in a big motor home.
Like others have already said many tight blind corners,
steep grades and low hanging branches

If you're going to go anyway, avoid the weekends,
southern section is steeper, with more tight turns and many tunnels.
Skyline drive (the northern 100 miles) is not suitable for an RV.

Best time for peak colors is usually the 2nd-3rd week of October, depends on the rain and frost.
I've seen big RV's on the parkway,
usually with a dozen or more cars behind them waiting for them to use the next turnout.

Access from Cherokee or Maggie Valley is do-able,
but that's also where all the traffic is.
there are some main roads that access the BRP near Asheville,
there are some other exits that have signs "tight curves and steep grades"
believe those signs.
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