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Just to clarify guys, I never said it couldn't be done,
I just said it would be a lot of work.

Woody will agree, it's still a lot of work even on a motorcycle.

I moved from Michigan for Florida in 1980, every fall I rode my motorcycle back to visit the family,
usually late September early October to maximize the leaf peeping pleasure,
it always involved the parkway,
sometimes all of it, other times parts of it, both directions,
depending on the weather and the "Fog"

I never get tired of that road.

When I was younger they were Harleys as I grew wiser BMW's.
My wife used to love to ride, we've been everywhere.

Then in 2006 I hit an Elk a hundred miles north of Boise,
totaled the bike, hospitalized both of us for a while.

We got a new bike, did balloon fest the next year
and Vermont/NH the year after
when a deer ran out in front of the car I was following,
the wife vomited at 60mph, that was the end of riding for her.

I still love my bike but it's not as much fun without her,
I'm hoping the Wanderlodge will "bring back the magic"
we once had traveling together.
Hans Ruys
St. Petersburg Florida
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