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Default Battery/solar upgrade

Seems it is time to replace the batteries in my Bird. The previous owner had changed them in 2012 I believe and I was hoping to a couple more years out of them given that they are plugged in all the time.

Turns out that what the ProSine panel was reading was not the actual voltage being put out by the ProSine. .4 (point 4) volt under, so they have never been properly charged.

I've been down the AGM route before with 8 of 8D and 2 Outback VFX2812 inverters in my old work truck which lasted for 8 given the cost of those vs life vs flooded I am going to go with 6 Surrette L16's.

Solar will be 6 320 watt Hansol panels, I may go to 9 possibly.

Inverter will be changed to a Magnasine MS2812 along with using other MS products, the MPPT, battery monitoring kit and remote panel.

Along with this will be 3 disconnects. 1 for the inverter, 1 for coach load and 1 for the starter.

Fuses will also be added.

This year the batteries will be done along with the inverter probably using the old wiring as I'm running out of time, but it will work fine given the loads I use.

Pics coming as progress begins
1988 XXV 40WB
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