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Default Need to install

Rick so it sounds like the project could all be completed in an afternoon is that correct? We are leaving for Gulfpots in a couple of weeks and need to try and get one installed. Like you, prior to the install, we have no cruse, It had a Dana origionally but in now in operative. Did you find out if they also have a pedal control as well? Does that suystem require a vacume hookup or is it all electronic? I'm not looking forward to makeing a 850 mile run in two days having to manually run the throttle. The throttle cable is also missing on the bus so can't even use that on long flat runs. I'm looking at trying to do something before leaving. The biggest problem I have is I can't leave the bus parked for long periods of time in the drive way because of subdivision covenants, so i have to get all repairs done in a timely fashion. Any feedback is appreciated

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