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Forgot to follow up on this. Will be adding a few more pics.

Setup worked beautifully. Genny was left running for between 6 to 8 hours daily while we were out. Discovered what I thought was a stink tube leak to be a gasket or seal somewhere that I have not delved into yet.

At night furnaces ran probably 50% of the time, ice maker left on as well. Not a whole lot of lights used.

In the morning I would probably make 7 to 10 pots of coffee and use a toaster. Battery voltage never once dipped below 12.3 and that was while the 1kw coffee pot was brewing.

All in all I'm very happy.

Next project is an Espar Haydronic 5 for the dwh and engine preheat.
1988 XXV 40WB
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