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Originally Posted by bimmerman46 View Post
I removed a gas spring to replace it and after 45 minutes of struggling to compress the new spring I gave up. Today I made a tool out of 1 inch channel to lay the shock in and compress it to the right length to install. After the tool was made I changed both springs in under 10 minutes. It worked great and I would like to post pictures of it so it may be a benefit to other members but I cannot figure out how to add the pics. Sorry!! I am trying to figure it out on a Mac.
It will be interesting to see the pictures.

In the mean time here's a link to a 2008 Thread that shows the tool Morey Zuber made for compressing the gas springs on his 99 LXi.

(See Post #4)

For what it's worth, no special tools were needed to replace any of the gas springs on the bay doors of my 91 WB... (unless a hydraulic jack and a 2X4 to lift up on the door are considered special).
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