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I had the same problem when I bought the coach. (ABS light was on.) I am told what causes the light to come on is if any of the sensors detect a "miscount" when checking the wheel rotation.

To clear the problem you need to "reset" the controller. On my coach (which is not a M380) we did this by taking a magnet (we used a magnetic pick up tool) and reach WAY up to the controller and touch the controller with the magnet. The controller in my bus is located between the two drive wheels, in about the center of the coach, mounted to the underside of the floor of the bus. You really need a magnet on a stick because there is no way to reach this controller with your hand/arm. It's probably 3 or 4 feet above the bottom of the bus. The best way I can tell you what is looks like is that its the size of a big fist and has two 1/4" lines feeding to it from either side of bus. On my bus I didn't see any wires leading from the aforementioned controller. Evidently the wires enter the coach through the floor where it is mounted. As I recall there is very little attached to the floor of the bus between the two sets of drive wheels. Touch the valve with your magnet and it will be reset. After I reset the ABS sensor/light the problem has not returned.

The hardest part of getting at the valve is getting under the bus. As I expect you know this is potentially very hazardous, even deadly. If you have any questions about how to do this safely look it up on this site.
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