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Originally Posted by Crit Bliss View Post
I gave Coachworx a budget of $15K and they didn't even call me back. I have been quoted $25k by several different vendors. 300-400 hours labor plus paint. They ALL said they could give a lower quote with cheaper paint but ALL have said the job wouldn't hold up.

This is why I am seriously considering the wrapping on the sides.
The front and back of the coach wont really need body work, just some simple fine sanding, and I Can get the front end and rear end painted properly in a booth for about $1200.(one colour)

But the sides, mostly the bay doors that have been cut and resized to fit, will require a bit of body filling to look perfect, if painted, also the front fenders that were custom made, where as the wrapping will cover it.

I CAN do the body work myself, I am actaully very good with body work, my problem now is TIME. I dont have the time like I did this summer, with my new job. I am just glad I got as much done as I did.
It's about 85% done.
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