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Originally Posted by matt hunt View Post
Just traced the problem.....There was a very small leak above the drivers side window. It's been raining buckets where I live in Florida recently, compounded with Tropical Storm Isaac. We still were unable to find any electrical issues, so I had a ZF transmission guy come check out the bus. He decided to remove the ZF Electronic Control Unit from the drivers side wall just to check it. When he turned it upside down, it was half-filled with water!!!!

Thank you John McGinnis for the contact at Precision Transmission in Colmar, PA. They are searching for a new and/or used ZF ECU. The price was $7,000. I about hit the floor, but I have no other option.

So if any of y'all can help with suggestions....I would appreciate it
Maybe Woody still has one from his transplant on the SP, I don't know if it is the same but it may be worth asking. Good luck. Once in a while one will pop up on eBay.
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