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Originally Posted by Bluebird Bob View Post
I understand the Lowboy is lower than a Landoll. Is that right?
There is a company over in Eugune that has the right equipment as they tow a LOT of Monoco's around there. The plant is there.
I am going to try to get my CoachNet to pay for it. Have had it 11 years and haven't used it so will see if they will pay for the 90 mile trip.
Cost, according to the towing company to me would be $1,500.
They tell me CoachNet won't pay their hourly rate of $250 and will only pay $125.
Guess we'll see around the 2nd of Sept.
Right Bob. A Low Boy is lower and the clearance would then not be a problem. Getting you coach loaded could be. Will it still pull itself? If so the proper ramping could get the job done. You'll need a RGN type trailer with a deck a bit longer than the length of your coach.
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