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Originally Posted by bubblerboy64 View Post
OK, Since this thread is all over the place. Shane made the connection into the air for me today. I had the line run and tee adaptor ready. Took 15 minutes easiest project I've given Shane in years. So easy I made him change fuel filters for me.

The seat is a Legacy Silver in blue made by Seat Inc and I got it from a local truck parts place mainly because they could get the seat to me in days not weeks or months. Tom Sorrentino used a Sears Trucks seating and I think they are similar (ford vs Chevy). My impression after riding home an hour from Shanes is that the seat is much more supportive the then flexsteel and the air suspension should be a comfort. NOW it does bounce over the bumps and that might not suit everyone. It will take a little getting use to. Price you ask? $750 delivered to my door. I am going to order a bellows to dress it up but that's not a necessity. They ofter a Legacy Gold with a few more bells and whistles for a couple more bills. The blue really matches nicely the blue in my interior and I am going to keep the off white co-polit seat because the MRS is happy with that seat.

On ward and upward to new Zee Dee awnings and perhaps a trip to get HWH work on my levels. Trying to take some of the pressure off of Jeff in is goal to support the BB parts vendors economy single handily.

The old coach is coming along. Can't compete with the big three. Shane, Steve or KC but I am trying to sneak up to the point that I will be allowed in the same part of the camping area.
John, just throwing this out for you to consider. If you take your coach to Stuart's in Elkhart, IN they will fix you jacks. They are an authorized service center and apparently do good work. I know several that have gone there and been happy. Larry Dill was just there a couple of weeks ago and got all fixed up. It could save you about 400 miles worth of fuel. Plus if you have any A/C or fridge issues Leon can take care of those in Shipshewana and of courser there is Bontragers and all the other places around there. Just a thought. We might even be able to arrange a mini rally if the timing is right

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