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Nice pictures, Bill, I think it looks great!
Randy, leaving the glass there I agree is a better idea, I think it would help to insulate, but one question, I was thinking about this earlier.
I had this panel all installed along with a nice mural, welded and filled with no seams, all done in my head( to me the older wanderlodges remind me of huge covered wagons, so maybe a wagon train, or desert scene for the mural).... then I thought, Isn't that rear window also an emergency exit?
It looks like it would kick out easy in case of a fire or accident. Do the side windows kick out easy? If not, I'll make it removable from the inside, with a couple of pins like the ones on areobatic airplanes, so when the wing rips off, you can pull the pins on the door, and jettison! The window may have to go though. Or maybe a latch like the ones found on a garage door.
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