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Default Flying to BB driving?

Have any of you made the transition from flying to driving? I've had the airplane addiction for 40 plus years, still have a Bonanza...and fly fires in the summer.

Having spent the last half-decade out west flying fires in the summer, I've become pretty convinced that having a BB would be a great way to spend the rest of the year. I've had a couple friends who have had BBs, and loved them.

A couple of decades ago I had a SOB diesel pusher, had no troubles, but just wasn't the right time in my, I think it would be...but would like any feedback that anyone would give about transitioning from flying all over the country to driving all over the country......



Most of my money I spent on planes, the rest I just wasted.....
"Most of my money I spent on airplanes, the rest I just wasted"

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