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Default FC Morse shift indicator

The little red indicator on my Morse shift control stopped moving. I often shift into a lower gear if the engine is lugging on a hill or in a circumstance where topology causes unnecessary up/down shifting. So I need to have a visual indicator so I know what gear I am in.

I exposed the control, not a easy task, and found the problem. The indicator is a red tab on a very thin nylon strap. The strap is fastened to the lower part of the shifter where the detent for the neutral and reverse switches are located. It then goes up through a hole in the forward end of display area, and then back through a hole at the rear of the display area and connects back to the to a post next to where the other end is connected. So when you move the shifter it moves the attachment point and the strip slides the indicator back and forth as needed.

Well, the loop on the rear end of the strap broke. I think it failed because the strip runs over solid metal guides and they were not lubricated at all. I supposeafter 27 years any lubrication was long gone. I would think a little light grease might have prevented the failure.

I will look. but I highly doubt I will find a replacement part. I am not sure how I could attach a new loop on the end of the nylon strap. It looked like it was joined by heat, so I heated up a needle nose plier tip and tried to pinch it. Unfortunately it melted the loop off instantly, so now it is shorter.

Any suggestins on how to join something to the strap as a repair?
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