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Mine has been "under the knife" recovering from a period of very low use... it's a solid runner (with a really nicely updated interior), but needing TLC. The following items are being done or just recently comleted by WW Williams:

qty (4) Group 8D batteries, FLA
Air compressor coolant lines & starter rebuild
Replace exhaust (already had some parts); re-use muffler
Replace drag link ends + front end alignment
Air solenoid and air cylinder on front steps
Replace alternator belts (back side)
Replace alternator ground cable
Rebuild RACOR w/ new seals, etc.
Drain fuel tank, replace petcock valve (replace fuel, treat, t.b.d.)
Replace oil pressure sensors & senders
Rewire new powers and grounds to ECM
Rewire new powers and grounds to EDU
Oil, oil filter, grease chassis (Delvac 1240)
Coolant flush and refill
Transmission fluid and filter
Engine air filter + cleaning
Generator service (oil, fuel, air filters)
Rebuild air dryer and new cartridge & replace 1 air valve
(2) new front steer tires (Firestone FS400)

The following items done by me; either already completed or in process:

- new IOTA DLS-X charger (4 stage) to replace old boiler
- 30 watt panel and 3 stage charger for generator battery
- new kitchen faucet, new bathroom faucet
- new curtains, all around
- new couch to replace cabinet and chair (placed in coach, need to fasten)
- fix cracked drain pipe from shower to grey water tank
- get the darn propane heaters running...
- fix leaky middle AC unit
- replace dashboard capacitor thingy for dash lights (ordered from Dupree)

On the future to-do:
- repair leaky hydraulic pump (or hose connection or whatever leaky) and replace hydraulic hoses -- for WW Williams... got a feeling that's going to turn into a radiator removal and rebuild of lots of related bits...
- replace all current copper house plumbing with PEX and new hot water tank... for me to do next fall.

Other than that, that's all...
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