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The rear will get soft overnight unless it's absolutely dead level, which it never is. The HCVs are all most likely original, with all new valves and DOT fittings maybe it would hold, but as Aux air goes down in 5-6 hours (as with most vintage BBs) this probably has an impact on suspension air.

With this coach, I tended to try to set jacks if I was going to be somewhere suitable for more than a day (and it's more or less level) and then let it down. My procedure was to set fronts to raise very slightly (as nose is a touch lower in riding down the road mode), then set rears just to touch, then dump, then adjust, usually need to drop nose slightly, I went by the LaserLevel app on my phone more than the blinking lights. Old paddle levers make this easier than automatic HWH, which is nice in the case of 89173.
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