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Originally Posted by al perna View Post

Seems like anyone can sign up , is this true Randy ? I also read somewhere we should not make a habit of buying less than 100 gallons . Did you hear this also ? Here is the application .
I have not heard about any minimum purchase requirement. I filled my pickup the other day ...... about 25 gallons.

Yes anyone can sign up. I am just asking for the referral credit. (Someone might as well get it)
I am not sure what I will get if I refer a bunch of peeps but I will share it with WOG if it amounts to anything. I think there is something about new peeps needing to purchase 500 gallons before a referral fee is credited?????? I did not really look. I am not trying to make a business out of referrals. I just happen to think it's a good program and thought I would share.

Let's look at the numbers (cause that's what I do!)
If you have to buy 500 gallons before I get paid and you save 50 cent/gallon. That's a $250 saving. TSD keeps 10% of that as their fee or $25. How much of a referral fee do you think they are going to pay? ......
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