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Default 3208 Low Power, Overheating

Hi everyone,
Im close to 4,000 miles in to a cross country road trip with some friends and having some trouble. I have a 1978 FC31 with a 3208NA. It was running well until we got to the Wyoming/Montana area. It seems to be fine on flat roads or downhills, but really struggles on any hills and black smoke comes from the exhaust if I give it too much throttle. It started overheating yesterday climbing a mountain just north of Boise, Idaho on route 55 just south of horseshoe bend. I recently replaced the air filter and the fuel filter but it didn't seem to make too much of a difference.
Im not the most mechanically inclined when it comes to engines, but I know some and Ive got some common sense. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, EJ.
Edward Fitzsimmons
Maynard, Massachusetts
1978 FC31
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