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If you drop your tranny into drive while still moving backwards even at a very slow speed you chance stripping the teeth on the rear end. You are putting a tremendous amount of torque on those teeth doing that.

Believe it or not Gardner I believe its easier to work on the tranny out of the coach and it can be done in about 30-45 minutes. I watched it done on mine here in Vernon when I had my friend change the rear main seal on my previous 1982 FC35. Guys that work on allisons a lot have got it down to a science. And with a lift its even easier.

To help your stress level a little. Stadium International is not just a little truck stop. They have branches in PA and NY and have very well equipped shops and excellent mechanics. Why dont you call Dave Hellock the service manager at 570-941-3600 first thing in the morning (7AM) and ask him?

good luck
Tom Warner
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