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Default impact driver

I have been working on aircraft for 42 years now and deal with alot of frozen phillips head screws. We use a home made tool in the hangar that works every time with really stubborn screws. I know most of you probably don't own a pnuematic rivet gun, but it works really well. We took a 6 in long, 3/8" drive extension and cut off the female end. We then machined the extension so it would fit in the rivet gun. Welded a 6 in long rod onto the side of the extension for a handle. Put a 3/8" drive apex tip socket on the male end of the extension and have at it. You have to turn down the regulator valve on the gun a bit so it doesn't hammer too hard. Squeeze the trigger on the gun and turn the extension using the welded on handle. Works on the same principal as the impact driver, but impacts the screw continously as long as the trigger is pulled. You supply the turning force using the welded on handle.
Also, if the screw head is a little worn out or damaged, put some valve grinding compound on the apex tip. It helps keep the tip from slipping out of the screw head.
Roy Frye
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