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Default Once more, the 'Bird shows her superiorority!

So my brother-in-law has just purchased the ultimate plastic palace; he just dropped $260k on a 18-month-old Entegra Aspire. We're staying at his place in the Shadow, & he decided we should take his out for the weekend so he could "show us" (read "boast about") the features.
OK, so on the surface, his bus looks good; 42 feet of creature features, triple slides, bath & a half, sleeps 5, cruises at 75, no rattles. Then, the first corner, there's a loud crash in the back. "Oh, that's the bathroom door, it won't stay closed" hes says. I go back to see if I can secure it, find the fridge door swinging open. I tell him, he says "the dealer told me the door lock never worked on the fridge". Hmm.
Next morning, he pulls out the campsite - while still plugged in to shore power; no "safeline alert" on his 1/4-million dollar bus. (Also no antenna up warning, although he remembered to stow it before we left). The power pylon was a bit crooked, and the 50A power cord looked OK, but when we tried hooking up our second night out, no power; seemed the morning's pull-out had damaged the cable.
The Entegra is all-electric, so we had to run the generator for heat, light & cooking. "Quiet time" was 10:30, so we went to bed & spent a chilly night. We decided to cut short our long weekend, then when we got back home, while trying to back in to his parking slot next to the Shadow, he mis-calculated & the side of his coach caught our mirror. I'd never heard his wife swear before, but she demonstrated a remarkable vocabulary!
Once he'd extricated his coach & got it parked properly, we went out to inspect the damage. He had a roughly 3 foot scrape down the side of his bus. The fiberglass was actually broken in a couple of places, and it had caught the edge of his slide also, deforming it. And the Shadow? I straightened our mirror & dusted the fiberglass residue & paint off it's edge.
He got a repair estimate this morning. He wouldn't tell me how much it was going to cost, but said his $3000 deductible is now not an issue for the rest of the year!
I love our built-like-an-outhouse 'Bird!!
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