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hi guys,thanks for the replies!
i don't demand when i ask for help,i suck up really well if need be!
we have gone to the state capital here with a request that they look it over,problem is all the records are on micro-phish,so they had to request the fish from archives and all of that,then,throw in a friday for good measure!
so,i expect some kind of reply on monday.
the whole key to this problem is the location of the wrong number,its in the last 5 digits,if it was anywhere else the local girl could change it in person.

as a side note i am a very good customer at the local DMV,its in a small town and i know all the girls (3) by first and last name.
i'm in there quite often,doing some kind of title work or researching a property.
the DMV and the property stuff is in the same building.
i'll keep you advised.
email me at only.

Randy Dupree
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