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First off let me thank you guys for your replies! What I have found so far. I found the solenoid which supplies air to the cylinder applied 12v to solenoid and it worked, I know that because it has an air leak where the line goes into the cylinder, you might say well there is the problem except this is the part the shop was working on and they left it that way. So need to fix but do not believe it was the problem.

John, I checked chassis b plug, and pin 1 & 14 all seems/ looks good

Barry, I turn on the ignition I have 12v on the center pin of the switch but no light indicating it is on. With ignition on I do not have 12v anywhere on k22a, 22b. There is 12v on pin 87 of k19.

Allen, I believe you are saying the same thing as Barry but either our system are different or mine has been screwed up forever. My indicator light goes out before I stop which is telling me the system has shutdown and no power to the solenoid, am I wrong?

On my bus if it is not traveling over 5 mph or some set speed the indicator light goes out and retarder quits working. I do not understand how the system knows the bus is moving but it does and since that is the case aren’t my readings on the relays exactly what you would expect? How can I simulate the bus moving so I can check to see if the solenoid is getting 12v? Or am I nuts and looking At this all wrong? Going to go fix the air leak now any guidance is wonderful.
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