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Dan if you follow the advice of Xantrex in connecting a Xantrex charger/inverter such as the Freedom 2500 (modified sign wave) you will have no problems. I have a Freedom 2500 connected to its own auxillary breaker panel which powers the microwave, all wall receptacles and my satellite system at all times that I am not connected to either the generator or shore power. I run two computers all of the time including a GPS system, wall lamps, microwave etc when we are on the road and my wife loves that. We can stop for lunch or dry camp for a while and use the microwave or computers to access the internet without worrying about starting the generator. I have never had a problem with the Freedom 2500 running my computers, satellite system or computer printers running off the inverter.
To eliminate the problem of cross feed that will cause problems with other appliances that are not connected to the inverter you need the auxillary breaker panel and cables from the inverter to the auxillary breaker panel and the batteries large enough to get the full advantage of the inverter. Even though it is rated at 2500 watts continuous it will provide as much as 6500 watts for a short while for instance starting your microwave.

Your present inverter although rated at 2800 watts only provides 2000 watts continuous.

I advise forum members to buy a refurbished Freedom 2500 and the Link 1000 to control it. I bought my Freedom 2500 from Sun Electronics and it is still available for $670 at

The link 1000 has tons of features and it tracks the efficiency of the batteries, tells you when you turn the coach engine off how long in hours you can use the batteries and still have enough power to start the engine and a lot of other features. I think it is well worth the extra money especially for a full timer.

Good luck
Tom Warner
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