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Default New Heart Freedom Model 25...Why?

Someone please tell me why I need to buy a new (or refurbished Model 25) inverter when the one I have been using for 3 years has worked great. Am I missing something here? My batteries seem in great shape at least so far after 3 years of my owning the coach, but I don't know when they were new. (with BMCs you don't have all those gauges telling you extra stuff)

We don't do a lot of long dry camping (mostly for perhaps a week at an FMCA rally or a night occasionally in a WalMart). What we do works fine if we run the generator an hour (or sometimes 2) every day which we need to make coffee, check a little TV, or cook something, anyway.. We don't do weeks at Quartsite for example.

Sometimes it may be better to not know what you don't know.

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