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I just went through this dance. I couldn't find a place to pull from that took the spring in the direction I wanted it to go. What I did was to stretch the spring off the bus and when I got it to about the length I needed I put a bunch of bolts (washers of sufficient thickness would work better but I had bolts) between the spring coils and that held the spring at it's needed length to allow me to fasten it as required to the attachment points. Then I put a screw driver between each spring and twisted it and the bolts fell right out. If you aren't strong you have to be smart. I'm not either but certainly smarter then strong.

I just got my actuator piston from HWH and I hope to install it this evening. I hope that this will solve my leveler problems. If it doesn't I am going to be so disappointed I might cry. I've spent enough time "under the bus" and worked hard enough at this I deserve some success. Let ya know.

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