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Default A/T Switch

Still learning about my big ol' Bird. I thought the A/T switch shut off everything 12 volt. Since I have had my bird that I purchased last Nov. it seemed to work that way. I haven't used it much but have been doing things to it and last week for some reason my house batteries got very low. I linked my batteries with the aux. battery switch, fired the gen. and charged everything up. When I was trying to figure out what happened I noticed that turning my A/T switch on and off my house batteries lost some volts each time I switched on and off. I now have a 50amp service and it's plugged in full time and haven't had it happen again. I do notice that if the A/T switch is on or off my ignition switch powers up. Haven't tried to start the engine but I definitely have power when the switch is in the on position. Is the A/T switch supposed to kill the power to the ignition switch.


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