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Default Detroit Diesel ramblings…

Detroit Diesel ramblings…
My wife and I are actively searching for the bus that fits our needs and speaks to us, is reliable and safe if that makes any sense, this search has led us to the Wanderlodge as the top choice at this current time.
I see a common connection with the RVs that are for sale and that most are low mileage and have recent rebuilt engines or new even. Is this because the engines sit for a long time and all of the oil drains down into the pan, then when the engine is restarted it is basically like starting a fresh rebuild without pre-lubing the engine? Metal against metal?
The other question is about the Detroit Diesel engines, I was given advice to avoid the DD because they were getting harder to find people to work on them and that the engines are not lasting and parts are expensive.
I have mechanical ability and know that there are a few special tools required for setting timing andI am not sure what else, but the thing that just does not sit well with me is why would there be so many DD engines out there and why would the bus lines have run them for so many years as well as so many transit busses?
I know that people have their favorite engines but I would like some opinions on the Detroit Diesel, I have been around Cummins and cat but never a DD.

Our bus when we find her will most likely be 35 ` 40ish long and will pull an enclosed 20 ft car trailer in the 7000 pound range
My own personal opinion is start with a healthy engine, do the proper maintenance, proper sizing of the engine and use an electric engine pre-luber and block heater and the engine that Blue Bird installed should do the trick.
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