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We have owned four coaches (three Foretravels and a Bird). I have found each engine had good points and less good points... The Cat3208 is supposedly a 'throw away' engine but I had one that had over 250k miles on it and was still very strong, had two of those now that I think about it... NEVER had a problem with them... then we had a Cummins M11 450, man that thing was a beast, no problems and had over a 100k on it when we sold it. Now we have a 1990 DD 8v92. I have to replace the hoses and belts that are 23 years old but basically the engine is sound and if I started it right this instant (70 degrees here in TX) it would fire up (wake up the whole campground) and run perfectly... and the campground would get to hear the harmonious music this engine puts out while running.
I think you are approaching this the wrong way. In my estimation the engine and transmission are the LEAST of your worries. Tire age, AC units, refridge, body, chassis elements are far more expensive than maintenance on your engine. Focus on those things and the engine will fall in line. I have owned a lot of very high end coaches and this one for its age makes them pale in comparison. I WILL NOT go back to fiberglass... we are living full-time in Mauvelous and absolutely love her. You can check out my list to see what buying a 'cheap' coach is costing (hint pay extra for great maintenance) by looking up Mauvelous and 'The List'...
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