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Default Winterizing someone else's FC SB

We don't do too much winterizing around here so when the weatherman announced that we'd have 2 days of sub-freezing temperatures (all day) and lows in the teens I went to work on the GMC. I think I'm in good shape there, however a friend has an FC (81 or 82) side bath that he seems unconcerned about.

I have no idea if it will start or not but figured a couple of gallons of pink stuff might help, at least with traps.

I'm having a little recurrent back problem so I'm not as agile as my usual self but wondered if I'm wasting my time. Is there anything else simple that I can do to help? I don't think I'll be climbing up under an unknown (or any other coach) to open drains.

I might just get around to buying this thing one day and I hate to have all that plumbing work to do. It might already be broken...I just don't know.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a bunch.

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