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Originally Posted by Stick Miller View Post
We don't do too much winterizing around here so when the weatherman announced that we'd have 2 days of sub-freezing temperatures (all day) and lows in the teens I went to work on the GMC. I think I'm in good shape there, however a friend has an FC (81 or 82) side bath that he seems unconcerned about.

I have no idea if it will start or not but figured a couple of gallons of pink stuff might help, at least with traps.

I'm having a little recurrent back problem so I'm not as agile as my usual self but wondered if I'm wasting my time. Is there anything else simple that I can do to help? I don't think I'll be climbing up under an unknown (or any other coach) to open drains.

I might just get around to buying this thing one day and I hate to have all that plumbing work to do. It might already be broken...I just don't know.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a bunch.

Stick Miller
You are much further south than I but for what its worth, I don't do too much prepping and so far (knock on wood) no problems yet. I open all of the drain valves under the bathroom sink and run the water pump until nothing but air. I dump about a gallon(pink stuff) in the backwater tank via the toilet and bathroom sink (which fills the sink p-trap). I leave some in the toilet for the duration. I do the same with the kitchen sink and shower with another gallon. I also leave the ice maker running (with the lever in the up position). The ice maker generates heat out the back which is where the copper water lines are routed. I also have an oil filled room heater which I have sitting in the kitchen floor with the kitchen cabinet doors open. On REALLY cold nights like they are calling for this week, I also turn on the bathroom electric heater and leave the bathroom door open. Using these methods our bird (just south of Atlanta) maintains an interior temperature in the upper 30's to low 40's on even the coldest nights.

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