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Default 12.5 Kohler no AC

This is Jim Barone fulltiming in a 1991 WBWL...Let me tell you a little about my experience with a Perkins/12.5 Kohler genset I had in my last boat...same indications...would try to start but not quite get the manual over and over...finally called a tech and he checked everything at the generator end but could find no problems...OK so here is the story...My manual said that a small AC load must be placed on the genset prior to trying to start..such as a 100 watt light...number two check the commutator and brushes and here is the key element..when you pull off the cover that houses the comm and brushes look for a set of brushes that are not apparent immediately...the brushes will be behind a plate that is on the centerline of the rotor shaft but you can't see them without looking very this invisable set of brushes turned out to be the entire problem...once this was cleaned up the genset started and ran as me at 256 673 0501 if I can help you or talk you through it.
Jim and JoAnn Barone
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