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Default Muddy Joes Bluebird sighting and an electic nightmare, start with stuck relay?

So got the bird up and running after in storage for a short trip to muddy joes mud fest and there is a bird parked in the lot. Going to get some pictures later. Anyways start the engine from the rear switch, hopefully install the new front switch this weekend.
Immediately the fuel gauge goes to empty and the transmission retarded temp goes to max temp and I hear this clicking and lights on the dash board are cycling on and off. If that is not enough the genny battery is totally disconnected and will start without having the aux switch pushed.

So my thinking is isolate the genny first probably a solenoid I imagine. I just replaced the isolating diode with the blue sea ACR. I guess I will start their since it's the last thing I did. Any insights would be helpful. I got three days of mudding to tinker with it.
1986 PT-40
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