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Default Fantastic Vent Cover

Originally Posted by hansruys View Post
I've been thinking about adding a roof vent cover
(like this one)
over my fantastic fan,

my reasoning is:
I "think" I would like to be able to drive down the road,
with the front air intake air vents and the roof air vent open,
enjoying a consistent movement of fresh air.

Looking at pictures of Wanderlodges,
I don't see any of those vents on the roof of other coaches,
so maybe it's not such a good I idea,

What do you guys know that I don't?
Last fall we got tired of the rain sensor closing the fantastic fan lid with the night time dew. It would stay closed until the sensor would dry and then open and close again.

Also we enjoy not having to worry at all about a rain getting in the camper.

We got a:

Fantastic Cover and we have been very pleased with it.

Keirn Rush, Carolyn Rush
and Mike the Wanderdog.
New Bern, North Carolina
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