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Hi Bill nice toes , I do actually have those pictures (but had not noticed the air bag setup, but I need the non one too ) and I have referenced the chassis one where I can, but its a bit more guessing and the suspension location/layout is hidden. I have the lub chart looking down from the top which I used to work out spring locations and that is where I figured the springs sat on the outside.........until our man Mike threw me a curve ball with half under and half to the side, I need to give that one some thinking. The spares parts manuals (although I do not know the model numbers) did help but now I am not sure.
I have worked on the side of and under the chassis setups but never seen that 1/2 1/2 layout here.
Thank you for the thought and the pictures it is appreciated, and thanks Mike for throwing me under the bus (although that's exactly what I really need )

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