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DAve,it got pretty busy yesterday and i forgot to call back.
thats what happens when you don't write stuff down!

We were talking about the alternator when Carol called (had to go,she was on a parts run).
The story goes something like this,that alternator has had 7-8 regulators fail on it,now i don't thing the bus is the problem.
The regulator is between the bus and the alternator (bus being the batteries).
Now that leaves us with the alternator being the problem.
The alternator was rebuilt at some time by somebody,we don't know when,we don't know where and we don't know what they did.
We also don't know what parts (if any) that were installed,Delco? Chicom?

Now i don't have any idea how an alternator works,its full of diodes and things spinning around and around and in your case its full of oil and BAD things.
The bad things are screwing up your spring,making your wife mad,making you pull your hair out,but,the liquor store may learn to love you!
WOW!,too much watermelon last night,and now coffee!

What all that sillyness is leading up to is toss that big old antique problem child into the dumpster and put a new alternator on,hook up the one big wire and a small ground wire and be happy!

I have a pile of those alternators here that Cody could not jump over!
Why do we have a pile?
1-no parts available
2-no shop will work on them
3-they leak oil
4-they do crazy things with volt meters
One day my junkman will come by and this big pile of DN50s will be heading to china.
Along with the brackets!
email me at only.

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