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Hi Brian,

Great work and an excellent write up. As I have an SP like yours, I have two questions in case I ever have to do what you have done.

First, what type of pallet jack did you use? I know that another SP owner, who sold his unit a few years ago, used a fork lift to remove the engine to do some work. I always thought I would need a fork lift to do the removal due to the weight of the Cat. Am interested in the type and capacity of yours.

Second, you described the problem you had in removal. See snippet here:

"The problem I had was that the bell housing of the transmission was wider than the vertical engine mounts in the middle of the engine. The middle engine mounts have a vertical "drop" that goes down next to the engine for a cross member to bolt to under the engine. I ended up spreading them apart with a bar and threaded rod. It was used as a spreader to push the mounts apart. Once I had the clearance it rolled out just fine. Lots of messing around to get to that point."

My question, can you describe or show a picture of what you mean by spreading out engine mounts that have a vertical drop. I can not envision this although, I have looked at the pictures a few times.

Thank you for your help.

Alan P. & Frances A. DeFreitas
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